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BackwoodsRC Hobbie​s 

We offer a wide variety of services 

We offer in house CNC, Water Jet, Cutting and welding and 3D printing and cad design. 

Carbon fiber Sales 

We sale various thickness, colors and weaves of Carbon Fiber in all shapes in sizes. we can also cut your design in house. 

CNC Cutting and metal fabracation

We do custom fabrication of all kinds. 

AutoCad Design and 3d Printing 

We offer a full range of design and simulations along with 3D printing virtually any material for porotypes or functioning parts. 

Plasma Cam CNC cutting and water Jet Cutting 

We can cut materials up to 1in on our Plasma and up to 2 inches thick on the water jet.  We also offer general Oxy / Acetylene cutting for less precise cuts.  We can bend various metals including titanium.  From cutting gussets to advanced chassis or even custom signs we can do it all.  please reach out to use for all your cutting needs.

CO2 CNC Laser cutting 

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