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BackwoodsRC Hobbie​s 

Combat Robots added Classes and Rule alterations

We use a SPARC ruleset with a few exceptions and added classes. 

PRINTED ANTS (Spicy  Ants) 

With so many new types of filament variations coming out daily we found it impossible to list all that were aloud without excessive clarification. Just PLA alone has at least 25 variations. With so many variations It is impossible to tech the material being used since many have the same melting point, and it is simply not practical. We have no way of confirming what materials are actually used.  In order to simplify what an event organizer has to monitor, and a builder can use, we determined that if its 3d printed, not metal, and not coated its legal.

Many standard Antweights use TPU or Nylon chassis and can simply change to a printed weapon in order to run the bot and run in both classes.

We had great success with this class and ironically the PLA variant bots preformed equal to and in many cases better than Nylons and other types of materials.

As this class and filament continue to evolve we will monitor and update rules as needed.  If you are interested in this class and don't have a  3d printer or access to one please let us know. We have machines set up in the shop that you may use. 

3LB Sportsman 

This class is designed to be a safer, more affordable beetle class.  Materials maybe printed or machined in any material.  D2 kits are one example of an off the shelf legal kit.  We do not allow any spinning weapons in this class.  Lifters, flippers and wedges are a few examples of acceptable weapons.  These bots will utilize arena hazards for KO's 


We allow unlimited magnetic downforce in all classes.  The primary reason for this rule was to avoid another item to tech as well as increase aggression of bots.  Please note the 8x8 has a wooden floor with only a few magnetic hot spots.  Currently 2023 we will be fighting 150g,Printed Ants, and 3lb Sportsman's in the 8X8 Wooden floor arena.  All other Classes fight in the ^x^ with steel Floor